Teaterlampe, gulvlampe, teaterplass

Teaterlampe, gulvlampe, teaterplass
England - 1975-1999 - Aluminium, Jern (støpt/smittet), Tre

Completely original real Theatre Lamp (GB) so no fake from Asia!

Grey wooden tripod with metal parts. A very sturdy converted lamp on it, for theatre, studio, living room or outside on a terrace or conservatory. This big boy is a looker everywhere.... WITH BARN DOORS! And you hardly see them, not even here ;)

The original lamp was so strong that my entire room looked like a stage :), that's why it's been converted for everyday use and now very economical with an E27 LED mirror reflector lamp by Osram, see final photos. A longer wire and plug. So truly a gem, ready to be placed, immediate use.

Size, from 1.20 to about 1.80 m.

Teaterlampe, gulvlampe, teaterplass
Aluminium, Jern (støpt/smittet), Tre
Estimated Period
Country of Origin
God stand - brukt, med små tegn på aldring og skavanker
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