Ambrogio Brambilla (active 1579–1599) - Portret van paus Sixtus V

Ambrogio Brambilla (active 1579–1599) - Portret van paus Sixtus V
Etsning - Utgiver: Nicolaus van Aelst, 1589 (nevnt på objektet) - 1589

Condition: this 16th century engraving has no damage. These are not captured in the photos. Top left has a corner torn off, engraving is bit worn down. Right side of the engraving has faded slightly. Has a small tear on the bottom left. But all in all, in very reasonable antiquarian condition. Especially when one takes into consideration that this engraving is over 400 years old!

The engraving is mounted onto a mat.

Very rare! Engraving is included in the collections of some renowned libraries (Vatican & national museum Amsterdam).

Portrait of pope Sixtus V, fitted in a frame consisting of depictions of events from the life of Sixtus V and buildings and monuments in Rome that were built or restored on behalf of Sixtus V.

"Ambrogio was born in Milan, but by 1579 he is listed as a member of the Congregazione dei Virtuosi al Pantheon, a guild of artists, and he remained there at least until 1599. In 1582 Brambilla produced a series of 135 small engravings of the emperors from Julius Caesar to Rudolf II and in 1585, another series, of the popes up to Sixtus V."
SOURCE: wikipedia

Two photos were taken against the light (without flash), so you can see the condition of the 'paper' properly.
Last photo shows how the engraving will be sent.

Ambrogio Brambilla (active 1579–1599)
Tittel på kunstverk
Portret van paus Sixtus V
1700 og tidligere
Utgiver: Nicolaus van Aelst, 1589 (nevnt på objektet)
God stand
Totale dimensjoner
52×36×0 cm
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