Saucer Rooster Comtoise, månedlig løper, Frankrike - Emalje, Jern (støpt/smittet), Kobber, Tre - 1700-tallet

Saucer Rooster Comtoise, månedlig løper, Frankrike - Emalje, Jern (støpt/smittet), Kobber, Tre - 1700-tallet
Mechanical - 31 day movement - ring på halvtimen

Beautifully distinguished unsigned 18th century escapement Rooster Comtoise with dish dial (cadran) of enamel with Roman hour numerals and Arabic minute numerals and brass hands, flat doors and back, rear runner with pendulum lead, wooden winding drums, bronze bell, alarm clock function, double hammer, dating from the period 1795-1799.
Cast piece with rooster looking backward and two hens flying off, medallion with Phrygian hat.

Has slight damage and crackle on the dish which does not affect the beauty of this timepiece.

Dimensions clock casing: height 27 cm. x width 23.5 cm. x depth 14 cm., Weight 6.7 kg.
Dimensions with rooster casting: height 40.5 cm. x width 14 cm.
Dimensions sundial casting: 23 cm in diameter.
Bell size: 10.5 cm. X 5 cm.
Height pendulum case: 12 cm.
Pendulum lead: 1.27 cm, weight: 228 grams.
Weights: 7.1 kg. & 7 kg
Alarm weights: 200 gr. & 70 gr. (are of later age).

Including clock chair and original winding key.

Clockwork has had maintenance and ultrasonically cleaned.
Has also been equipped with new ropes.
Weights of the alarm function are of a later date.

The photos are part of the description.

Can be picked up in the Oudenaarde region, Belgium, or is securely packaged and sent by registered post.

Shipping inside the EU can be insured for a maximum of €500.

Saucer Rooster Comtoise, månedlig løper, Frankrike
Emalje, Jern (støpt/smittet), Kobber, Tre
Clock mechanism
Power Reserve
31 day movement
ring på halvtimen
Estimated Period
Country of Origin
God stand - brukt, med små tegn på aldring og skavanker
I god tilstand
22 kg
40.5 cm
14 cm
23.5 cm
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