Ekstremt sjelden og original bronse skandinavisk Viking "Midgard Serpent" ring - 19 mm.

Ekstremt sjelden og original bronse skandinavisk Viking "Midgard Serpent" ring - 19 mm.
9e/10e eeuw - Scandinavia

Extremely rare bronze Viking "Midgard Serpent" ring. The Midgard Snake is the most dangerous monster in Norwegian Mythology. He was so big that he was in a circle around the world (Midgard). The snake was eventually killed by Thor. Nowadays as a piece of jewellery very sought after in the contemporary modern edition, see plate,

Material: Bronze.
Dating: Early Medieval, 9th–10th century.
Origin: Scandinavia
Dimensions: diameter 19 mm.
Condition: good, with the usual signs of wear.

The seller warrants that he has obtained this item legally.
Originating from a Dutch collection collected since 1975.

See the photos/scans for a correct impression.
Registered shipping from the Netherlands.

Important information:
For transportation within the European Union, no export license is required for this lot.

Because of the importance of this object, an export permit must be requested
as soon as it is to be shipped outside the European Union.
This should be done via the Heritage Inspection of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.
This can only be done after the auction and may take some time.

The seller guarantees that he is entitled to ship this lot.
He will arrange all possible permits required
for the shipping of this lot.
If this takes more than a few days the buyer will be informed.

Ekstremt sjelden og original
bronse skandinavisk
Viking "Midgard Serpent" ring - 19 mm.
Århundre / Tidsramme
9e/10e eeuw
God tilstand, se bilde
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