Canyon Diablo Jernmeteoritt - 67 g - (5)

Canyon Diablo Jernmeteoritt - 67 g - (5)
Arizona, De Forente Stater

Here is a nice collection of 5 Canyon Diablo individuals in natural patina (no chemical treatment, they are as found).

The giant crater of Canyon Diablo has been the subject of much debate. Scientists have long thought that this crater was the fact of an extinct volcano. Yet no volcanic rock has ever been found, although some rocks could look like it. It was not until 1950 thanks to the study of Eugene Shoemaker that it was determined that this crater was caused by a fall of a large meteorite. We now know that this meteorite fall occurred about 50,000 years ago, producing a crater of 1.3 km in diameter and of 175 m deep. The violence of the impact corresponds to an energy released comparable to 1700 kilotons of TNT explosives, or 133 Hiroshima bombs!

Canyon Diablo meteorite is an iron meteorite, IAB-MG.

The lot is sold with a label / signed certificate of authenticity.

Antall elementer
Hovedmineral / Navn meteoritt
Canyon Diablo
Mineral form /Typer meteoritt
67 g
Opprinnelse (region/by)
Opprnnelse (land)
De Forente Stater
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