Michel François - Dix-neuf mille affiches

Michel François - Dix-neuf mille affiches
Offset - Ikke signert - 1994

One of the original posters from the artwork Nineteen Thousand Posters by Michel François. These posters are physically part of an exhibition that has already been shown in several major museums.
Very large work, beautiful for the office or on big walls. In 1997 it is high-quality framed behind glass (costs € 850) in a sleek black lacquered solid wooden frame.

It's an offset print. Total dimensions: 183 x 123 x 4 cm.

The pictures show some reflection in the glass, which is not really noticeable if the work is not hung in direct (artificial) light.

In consultation, they can be sent by a courier or picked up in person in Brussels.

Dix-neuf mille affiches
176.5×116.5 cm
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