2017 Domaine de l'Ecu "Cuvée Germinus" Malbec - Loire - 6 Flasker (0,75 l)

2017 Domaine de l'Ecu "Cuvée Germinus" Malbec - Loire - 6 Flasker (0,75 l)
Rødvin - Frankrike

2017 domaine de l ecu cuvee germinus malbec 100% - Loire - 6 Bottle (0.75L)
Red wine - France

Domaine d l'Ecu makes 100% organic wine for the last 43 years. The wines are also 'Vin Naturel' which means that only natural yeast and no additives are being used. The wines age in amphora mostly. The wines are unfiltered.

Le Temps des Copains is project that started as a discussion about the role of the wine producer and that wines will always taste different because of who made them- even if the region, grapes, vineyards, philosophy of work and respect for nature are the same.
A group of like minded wine producers across Europe joined this cross boundaries project.
"What you taste in your glass is in not my wine but OUR wines says Fred.
The basic principle is always the same: Having agreed on the grape variety, the plot and winemaking- my friend (s) begin winemaking on their field and I 'fetches' the fermenting alcoholic juice and finalize winemaking at home in amphorae."

All vintages result in "micro-vinification": the annual production of each vintage is 1200 to 3000 bottles only.

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Domaine de l'Ecu "Cuvée Germinus" Malbec
Antall flasker
Flasker (0,75 l)
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