Ernesto Ché Guevara - Autograph; Signed travel journal "Recuerdo del viaje a Asia y Africa" - 1959

Ernesto Ché Guevara - Autograph; Signed travel journal "Recuerdo del viaje a Asia y Africa" - 1959
Biografi, Manuskript, Politikk, Selvbiografi - Mengde: 1 - Manus

Unique and extraordinary personal travel diary of the well-known revolutionary Che Guevara throughout the world.

This personal travel diary was held by a great European collector since 1995, when he bought it in a well-known auction house, until now, when it’s going on sale again.

A diary of a so remarkable personage in the history of humanity, as this that belonged to Ernesto Che Guevara, goes on sale very rarely.

This diary belongs to the first diplomatic trip that Ché made as ambassador, just after the Cuban revolution succeeded. The journey lasted from June 1959 until September of the same year.

As his personal secretary Pancho García Valls, who accompanied Ché Guevara, recounted on his return from this trip:

‘Ché always wrote down the dates and meetings in a little brown notebook that he had in his uniform every day, he was always very meticulous.’

In June 1959, months after the revolutionary victory, Che was sent by Fidel Castro to travel the world in search of support for the revolution.

Between June and September 1959 Che travelled extensively through Asia, North Africa and Yugoslavia as a representative of the government.

This trip took him to Egypt, Syria (then the United Arab Republic), India, Burma, Japan, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Sudan and Morocco, and also to the former Yugoslavia, aimed to promote political, trade and cultural relations with the Third World, seek diversifying alternatives to the international ties of the Cuban state, until shortly before contingent upon the American imperial orbit, and seek support in the face of Washington's aggressive policy against Cuba.

He interviewed some of the leaders who would create the Non-Aligned Movement shortly after. During the Cold War they declared that they were equidistant between the United States and the USSR.

Che met with the Egyptian Nasser, the Indonesian Sukarno, the Yugoslav Tito and the idol of his days of youth, the Indian Jawaharlal Nehru among many other political leaders.

On his return, Fidel Castro rewarded him by appointing him director of Industrialization and President of the National Bank of Cuba.

Among many other interesting data written by Ché in his personal diary, we find these:

The diary starts with the following phrase:

‘Recuerdo del viaje a Asia y África, 1959, Ché’.

‘Salida junio a las 6:56 voy en un avion de Britania a las 8:00 escala en islas Bermudass para abastecer...’

‘Llegamos a Barajas (Madrid) a las 8 am del día 14/59’

‘Salimos hacia El Cairo’

‘Recorrido y hospedaje en Bangkok’

‘Recorrido y salida en tren a las 6:30 pm para Uganda...’

‘Salimos para Cuba el 8 de septiembre y este viaje fue muy provechoso y amistoso con mucho resultado para la Revolucion Cubana que acaba de empezar...’

Note: The photos included in the description only show 12 pages of the diary of the 24 written by Che.

In the diary he described his days, trips and meetings during the 4-month trip.

This ‘Diario personal de viaje’ is the only known Che Guevara diary for sale in many years.

The photos included in the description are not for sale, they are illustrative only.

It is sold with a certificate of authenticity. With a certificate number and certified by expert William Lee, Los Angeles, USA.

A brief biography of Che Guevara below:

Ernesto Guevara (Rosario, 14th June 1928—La Higuera, 9th October 1967), known as Che Guevara, was a Cuban naturalized Argentine physician, politician, guerrilla, writer, journalist and communist revolutionary.

He was one of the ideologist and commanders of the Cuban Revolution. Guevara participated from the armed uprising until 1965 in the organization of the Cuban state. He held several senior positions of its administration and government, especially in the economic area, he was president of the National Bank, director of the Industrialization Department of the National Institute of Agrarian Reform (INRA), and Minister of Industry. In the diplomatic area, he acted as responsible for several international missions.

Convinced of the need of extending the armed struggle throughout the Third World, Che Guevara promoted the creation of guerrilla ‘focos’ (centres) in several Latin American countries. Between 1965 and 1967, he fought in Congo and Bolivia. In the latter country he was captured, and clandestinely and summarily executed by the Bolivian Army in collaboration with the CIA on 9th October 1967.

His figure, as a symbol of global relevance, arouses great passions in public opinion both for and against. For many of his supporters, he represents the fight against social injustices, while his detractors judge him negatively.

His photographic portrait, taken by Alberto Korda, is one of the most reproduced images in the world, both in the original form and in variants that reproduce the outline of his face, for a symbolic use.

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Biografi, Manuskript, Politikk, Selvbiografi
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Ernesto Ché Guevara
Autograph; Signed travel journal "Recuerdo del viaje a Asia y Africa"
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