Modell av Titanic-livbåten 14 - Tre - Andre halvdel av 1900-tallet

Modell av Titanic-livbåten 14 - Tre - Andre halvdel av 1900-tallet

Very true-to-life and full scale model of the Titanic's lifeboat number 14. The lifeboat was suitable for 60 people. During the tragic sinking of the Titanic 64 people sat down in this boat 

The Titanic sank April 15, 1912 The port side lifeboat 14 was used in the movie “Titanic” to save Rose The film is about the two lovers Rose DeWitt Bukater (Kate Winslet) and Jack Dawson (Leonardo de Caprio), who meet during the fatal crossing of the RMS Titanic The film has won 11 Oscars.  

The boat has various accessories:  
- Oars with oarlocks;  
- Extendable mast + sails;  
-Ration box and first aid kit;  

The length of the model is 79 cm, with rudder (helm) 87 cm and the width is 26 cm. The boat is placed on two supports. 

The photos are part of the description 

Will be packaged with great care and shipped by registered mail with track and trace.

Modell av Titanic-livbåten 14
Estimated Period
Andre halvdel av 1900-tallet
Country of Origin
Utmerket stand - knapt brukt med minimal tegn på aldring og slitasje
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