Mikrometer sekstant - Aluminium - midten av 1900-tallet

Mikrometer sekstant - Aluminium - midten av 1900-tallet

C.Plath Navistar Classic.

The best Sextant ever to be made.

This Sextant has been in the Attic of an old Tall ship Captain for at least 35 years.
After his last sea voyage he took this sextant home.
After passing away the Sextant was in storage untill now.

The 4 × 40 telescope is also named the star scope and is the best choice for alround use.
It has the transflex horizon mirror which was a 350 dollar option back in the 70s
Later this mirror became the standard for many Sextant's

The Navistar was the top of the line and was made in limited quantities and was issued with a non-adjustable instrument error of 10 arcs or less. It sold for a premium over all its other sextants.
For example 35 years ago it sold for ABT 1000 dollars and in 2001 the prise was risen to ABT 4000 dollars.
In our opinion there is no other sextant that achieves this level of quality.

For the 7-year period from 1978 to 1985 only 1693 Navistar classics were made that's only 211 a year to satisfy worldwide demand.


Lighting hasn't been checked but should be working.
Needs a good clean.
One is mirror has some slight discoloration.
1 filter glass has a scratch.
Overal has slight signs of wear.
Still, in working condition.
Stil has the 2 original keys with box

Before using professionally i suggest having the sextant calibrated and checked.

I haven't cleaned or polished the sextant on purpose this is how it came from the attic after at least 35 years.
Please take a good look the pictures for the details.

Mikrometer sekstant
Produsent / merke
C. Plath, Hamburg
Model/ Name
Navistar Classic
Estimated Period
midten av 1900-tallet
Country of Origin
God stand - brukt, med små tegn på aldring og skavanker
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