High Relief - Lion of Saint Mark - 55 x 70 cm - Marmor Biancone d'Asiago

High Relief - Lion of Saint Mark - 55 x 70 cm - Marmor Biancone d'Asiago
Italia, Venezia

High-relief in Biancone di Asiago marble, depicting the Lion of St. Mark with the open book.
From a private collection in Venice
The lion is depicted with the open book and the classic Latin sentence inscribed: "Pax tibi Marce, evangelista meus" meaning "Peace be unto you, Mark my Evangelist".
The work was carved and sculpted from a single marble block.
There are several symbolic interpretations about the combination of lion and book. In this case, the open book is considered the symbol of the sovereignty of the State.
However, such interpretations are not universally accepted as the Most Serene Republic never codified its own symbols, which were represented in an unequivocal way.
A very rare lot, of extraordinary workmanship and indisputable quality.
Never presented before, a unique piece in the world, probably made on commission.
The sculpture is in high-relief, as clearly visible in the pictures, the lion seems to come out from the base. Despite the size of this work, the quality of the lion anatomy, the utmost care and precision put in details, are worth noticing. Elegant and refined, but at the same time powerful and muscular. Prestigious and excellent workmanship.
Medium-sized, perfectly proportioned and very heavy.
Excellent if hung on a wall; it can be placed indoors or outdoors.
In very good overall condition and intact.
It will be delivered in a wooden crate with appropriate packaging.
Shipping will be agreed privately at the end of the auction; the costs will not be high and will be borne by the buyer.
Vision and on site pick up also available.
Low-priced, safe and tracked worldwide shipping.
On request we can also supply the irons for assembling.

- width 55 cm
- length 70 cm
- base depth 6 cm
- maximum depth 23 cm
Weight 100 kg.

High Relief - Lion of Saint Mark - 55 x 70 cm
Marmor Biancone d'Asiago
Country of Origin
Italia, Venezia
God stand - brukt, med små tegn på aldring og skavanker
23×55×70 cm
100 kg
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