Lely - Driewiel met de hand getrapt - Landeveisykkel - 1935

Lely - Driewiel met de hand getrapt - Landeveisykkel - 1935
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This vehicle is for those who are disabled or less able.
It was made by the Dutch company Lely which was established at Veerkade 33 in The Hague.
This company started somewhere around 1900 and made cargo bikes and disabled bicycles.
This object is ridable and not restored, it is as authentic as can be.
The chain is in one piece and supple but slightly rusted.
The suspension consists of a leaf spring with a spiral spring at the end.
Brakes can be used with the handbrake which presses a wooden block against the rear tyre.
However, all three tyres are flat.
It is a beautiful décor piece for in a museum or other classic car collection.
Of course, it can also be used.
I am willing to help with arranging transport.
Location: Naarden, Netherlands.

Driewiel met de hand getrapt
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