Monster cruiser - 36 inch wheels - Landeveisykkel - 2005

Monster cruiser - 36 inch wheels - Landeveisykkel - 2005
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Huge American cruiser model bicycle with large 36 inch wheels.
The bicycle has 7 gears and rides well

The pictures show that the bicycle is considerably larger than a regular bike with 28 inch wheels.
The bicycle has a 7 gear hub that works well.
Cycling on this giant is fun and goes very well if you are at least 1 m 75.
Fortunately, the saddle can be adjusted to a lower level so that it not only allows long people to ride on it.
The bike is also perfect as an eye-catcher for a shop.

Due to its size it can not be sent by regular postal services. If you want it to be sent, you can do so through transport companies that can transport the bicycles as a whole. The costs can be provided in consultation.
Location: 's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands.

Monster cruiser
36 inch wheels
Year of Manufacturing
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