Tea brick - te - Kina - Andre halvdel av 1900-tallet

Tea brick - te - Kina - Andre halvdel av 1900-tallet
God tilstand, se beskrivelse - 23.5×2×18.5 cm

This Chinese tea tile is a unique collector's item. It is 50-75 years old. In reasonable condition; at the bottom left something has crumbled off, see the photos. Size: 23.5 x 18.5 x 2 cm
Weight: 1,125 grams

Tea has been pressed into a block since the Tang-dynasty (618-906). This way, tea was easier to transport and less sensitive to external influences. In this way, tea was transported using camels, over the tea caravan route Dali – Nuodeng – Shaxi – Lijiang. With an image at the front and a kind of division into sections on the back. This division into sections was useful when trading. Given that tea had the same value as silver

Tea brick
Andre halvdel av 1900-tallet
Distrikt / Opprinnelsesland
God tilstand, se beskrivelse
23.5×2×18.5 cm
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