To vakre medisin Buddha (3) - Bronse - Nepal - Sent på 1900-tallet

To vakre medisin Buddha (3) - Bronse - Nepal - Sent på 1900-tallet
Veldig bra tilstand, se beskrivelse - 4×10×4 cm

3 wonderful medicine Buddha. The medicine Buddha, or Bhaisajyaguru, is the Buddha of healing.

By meditating on medicine, Buddha is considered a powerful method for increasing healing powers.
But even more importantly is the Buddha, the expert doctor, who heals the severe illness. By offering Dharma as a strong counter-measure against the poisons of attachment, hate and ignorance, he lifts the veil of madness and shows the way to freedom.

His hand is resting in his lap with the palm turned upward in the gesture of meditation (Dhyana Mudra), which represents the eradication of all illnesses and suffering by realising absolute truth.

Photo 1
Height: 10 x 4 cm
Weight: 0.440 g

Photo 2
Height: 10 x 4 cm
Weight: 0.440 g

Very beautiful statue from Nepal, Shakyamuni Buddha holding a stupa.  

The statue is beautifully decorated and has very nice details. The wonderful gold colour adds to the appearance of the statue. 

The healing power of the Dharma is offered in all serenity, which leads to enlightenment. 

The photos speak for themselves. 
Length: 10 cm 
Height: 15 cm and 6 cm wide 
Weight: 800 g

Everything will be packaged with care and shipped with a tracking code. 

Total nr of items
To vakre medisin Buddha
Sent på 1900-tallet
Distrikt / Opprinnelsesland
Veldig bra tilstand, se beskrivelse
4×10×4 cm
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