Gulvlampe - EOW Industrial Zitronen Presse Lampe

Gulvlampe - EOW Industrial Zitronen Presse Lampe
Tyskland - 1950-1959 - Jern (støpt/smittet)

This spotlight has been produced since the 1930s by the company "Elektroinstallationen Oberweimar", founded in 1907. This company was one of the first in the world to produce explosion-proof electric lights.

The lamp was manufactured for civil use in mines or in the chemical industry, as well as for the military.
The body is made of solid cast aluminium and recalls the Streamline era. It was affectionately called the "citrus press".

With slight changes, this spot was also produced after the 2nd World War by the eponymous successor company, EOW. However, it was never produced in large numbers, which makes it a rarity.

Mounted on a tripod, the lighting fixture can be swivelled in any direction. Due to the 1cm thick protective glass, it is well protected against mechanical impact. In addition, the glass is still protected by a grid. The tripod is height adjustable.

With its polished appearance, the spotlight appears as if it had sprung from the cinematic world of ​​Fritz Lang's futuristic "Metropolis" (1927). Industrial design at the highest creative level.


Height with mounting approx. 55 cm

Lamp diameter: 30 cm

Depth 35 cm

Wood metal tripod 90-150 cm high

Complete weight 20 kg

Jern (støpt/smittet)
Model/ Name
EOW Industrial Zitronen Presse Lampe
Estimated Period
Country of Origin
God stand - brukt, med små tegn på aldring og skavanker
20 kg
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