Jean Cluseau-Lanauve (1914-1997) - Nu aux coussins rouges

Jean Cluseau-Lanauve (1914-1997) - Nu aux coussins rouges
Olje på lerret - 1955

French painter born in Périgueux (24), he is the main member of the Saint Germain des Près school. He travelled across France throughout his life and made drawings of the most charming landscapes, but also many nudes. In the Dordogne, on the coast of Brittany, in Belgium, in Paris but also in the major European cities, his drawings have formed the basis for paintings that he then produced in his studio in the 6th arrondissement of Paris. He died there in 1997, after a successful career and exhibitions. He became Peintre de la Marine in 1980s

This young woman with red cushions was made in 1955, in the early days of Cubism at Cluseau-Lanauve. Sculpted and at the same time worked in softness, this modern odalisque is a perfect expression of the artist's mastery.

Jean Cluseau-Lanauve (1914-1997)
Tittel på kunstverk
Nu aux coussins rouges
Olje på lerret
I veldig god tilstand
54×73 cm
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