1 pcs Diamant - 0.70 ct - Brilliant - J - VVS1

1 pcs Diamant - 0.70 ct - Brilliant - J - VVS1

Gioielleria Corvino

IGI 0.70 J, VVS1 diamond, certified and sealed Rep.: 345813914

Sealed, IGI-certified diamond

You can verify the certificate on IGI's website

Report No.:


Report city: Antwerp
Report date: 23rd November, 2018

Natural diamonds
Shape and cut: Round, brilliant
Weight: 0.70ct
Colour: J
Clarity: VVS-1
Cut: VG
Polish: VG
Symmetry: Good
Dimensions: 5.75mm x 5.86mm x 3.41mm
Table size: 64.5%
Crown height—angle: 12%—33.8°
Pavilion depth—Angle: 43.5%—41.1°
Girdle thickness: Thin to medium (faceted)
Culet: Medium fluorescence
Non laser-scribed: Yes
IGI 345813915

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