Sabrina D'Arcangelo - Fuori da questa follia - 1995

Sabrina D'Arcangelo - Fuori da questa follia - 1995
Oil on canvas - signed - 1995

Artist: Sabrina D'Arcangelo.

Title of the work: “Fuori da questa follia”.

Year: 1995.

Technique: oil on canvas, technique used by the old Masters consisting of overlapping “glazes” to obtain the desired light and colour.

Unique piece: yes.

Certificate: yes.

Original product: yes.

Signature: yes.

Condition: excellent.

Sale with frame: stretched.

Image size: 80 x 60 cm.

Trackable insured shipping.

Old pictorial technique used as a superb instrument to tell an evolution phase, a cathartic chaos where everything seems to be contradictory, and it would be if you naively looked at it in a superficial way. In fact, the representation suggests a fully dream-like reference, that lays the basis for a future surrealism.
It describes a dream in the soul where everything can happen, a vortex from which she can become emancipated for the protagonist because her desire is powerful, no matter how long it will take.
It is no coincidence that she has the wings of Victoria, like the famous resembling Nike, but unlike her she is not blindfolded and has the head “on her shoulders”.
She can see, so she will find her way.


Sabrina D'Arcangelo was born in Pescara on 10/06/1969.
She immediately showed an attitude for figurative art.
As suggested by her teachers, she studied art. She graduated as an art master and for 20 years she attended the studio of Master D’Arcevia, who authorised her to take inspiration from his works to set the technique of glazes.
She started to participate in solo and group art exhibitions.

Exhibition at a private gallery, New York, 1987.

Solo exhibition at the convent “delle Grazie”, Alanno (Pescara).

1988 bi-personal exhibition at the cloister of the Alanno monastery (Pescara) with Master Antonio Capone, 1999.

Group exhibition ex Aurum Pescara, 1991 and 2012.

Exhibition at the “Auditorium Anime Sante” with Master Romano Mussolini Scanno at the international event Scanno award for photographers in honour of Cartier Bresson.

International biennial exhibition of the Tolentino comics (Macerata).

Donation to the Museum of sacred art as a founding member, Museum of sacred art San Cetteo (Pescara), 1990.

Many others.

Sabrina D'Arcangelo
Tittel på kunstverk
Fuori da questa follia
Olje på lerret
Som ny
60×80 cm
Selges med ramme
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