Vase - Cloisonne-emalje, Kobber - Japan - ca. 1900 (Meiji Periode)

Vase - Cloisonne-emalje, Kobber - Japan - ca. 1900 (Meiji Periode)
God tilstand, se beskrivelse - 40×27×40 cm

Champlevé vase - Japan - ca. 1900

Chinese Vase with fine engravings and enamels depicting dragons and mythological animals.

Came from an Auction dated probably early ‘900.

Heavy and powerful from excellent manufacture.


H 40 cm
Diameter Max 27 cm
Circumference Max 81 cm

The use of bronze dates from remote antiquity. This important metal is an alloy composed of copper and tin, in proportion which vary slightly, but may be normally considered as nine parts of copper to one of tin. Other ingredients which are occasionally found are more or less accidental. The result is a metal of a rich golden brown colour, capable of being worked by casting — a process little applicable to its component parts, but peculiarly successful with bronze, the density and hardness of the metal allowing it to take any impression of a mould, however delicate.
The object it's in perfect conditions.

Cloisonne-emalje, Kobber
ca. 1900 (Meiji Periode)
Region/ Country of origin
God tilstand, se beskrivelse
40×27×40 cm
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