Ilse D. Ammonsen - Daproma - klassisk dansk design “Gyro” lampe, “København” - Messing

Ilse D. Ammonsen - Daproma - klassisk dansk design “Gyro” lampe, “København” - Messing
Danmark - Andre halvdel av 1900-tallet

A classic of post-war Danish design, this ship’s lamp was designed in the 1950s by Ilse Ammonsen. Its fine craftmanship stunningly combines beauty and function, making it perfect for on-board a ship, in the living room, or in the office.
Precision made by Daproma, Denmark, the lamp offered was probably produced in the 1970s. It burns lamp oil (kerosene/paraffin). The ingenious gyroscopic engineering with gimbals makes sure the flame always stays upright, whatever the underlying slope (photo #3 – NB this is a representative stock photo; all other photos are of the actual lamp).
The lamp is in near mint condition with only very minor patina reflecting its age. It looks hardly to have been used. It is intact, including all 21 parts. The height of the lamp can be adjusted between 21 and 27 cm. The base is 8 cm in diameter.

An almost sculptural object of great beauty.
The lamp will be well packaged and safely shipped.

klassisk dansk design “Gyro” lampe, “København”
Designer / Kunstner
Ilse D. Ammonsen
Manufacturer/ Brand
Model/ Name
Estimated Period
Andre halvdel av 1900-tallet
Country of Origin
Utmerket stand - knapt brukt med minimal tegn på aldring og slitasje
27×8×8 cm
800 g
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