Leica (Leitz) Black chrome 1978 LEICA M4-2 body & VOIGTLANDER VC II meter

Leica (Leitz) Black chrome 1978 LEICA M4-2 body & VOIGTLANDER VC II meter
35mm kamerahus og lysmåler - Multiple main devices - Veldig bra (brukt og fungerer med mindre tegn på bruk)

Black chrome 1978 LEICA M4-2 body: a beautiful camera in almost unmarked condition. It shoots beautifully, having been given a full professional CLA two years ago by Will van Manen at KAMERA SERVICE. A much loved and carefully used camera: since the CLA it has only had around a dozen films put through it.

It comes with with new VOIGTLANDER VC II meter, an EYE CUP rubber eye piece and a THUMBS UP soft shutter release button. Both the camera body and the light meter come in their original boxes. (see photos)

The Voigtlander light meter is black to match the Leica, and designed to fit snugly on top (attached via the hot-shoe) giving accurate modern metering for this vintage camera.

In 1977 LEICA launched the updated M4-2, which was based on the M4's body, but slightly modernised with a streamlined production process in Canada. The Canadian plant was already assembling lenses, had also manufactured the very collectible 1974 M4 black Leica’s. The M4-2 added a hot shoe and motor drive compatibility as standard. The streamlined inner mechanism was retained on further models, including M6.

The Production era of the M4-2 was 1978-1980 and ca. 15,000 black - ca. 1,000 gold cameras were made. This camera comes from the third batch of these M4-2 LEICAS (third Batch: serial no. 1480001-148200 1978 2000 cameras made) generally regarded as the best batch of M4-2 cameras manufactured.

Camera Serial number: 1481377
Shutter system - 1 to 1 /1000 + B - Flash : 1 /50 X
Metering system - Manual split image measuring
Rangefinder /viewfinder - Combined 0.72 x 35-50-90-135 mm frame-lines
Body weight - 545 g /1.16 lb
Size H x W x D - 77 mm /3.03 in - 138 mm /5.43 in - 36 mm /1.42 in

Please look carefully at the many images of this Leica camera (body only no lens included) and included Voigtlander meter - the photographs form part of the description. (please note on the photographs a very light scratch on the baseplate, and a pinhead size piece of leatherette missing on the front bottom side)

Leica (Leitz)
Modell / type nr.
Black chrome 1978 LEICA M4-2 body & VOIGTLANDER VC II meter
Type objekt / enhet
35mm kamerahus og lysmåler
Veldig bra (brukt og fungerer med mindre tegn på bruk)
Antall enheter
Objektivfatning type
Leica M
Film type
In working order
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